Paint Sapien

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Geliştirici: Dave Sapien Ltd.
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The most visceral painting app available anywhere, realistic paint blending that mixes just like the real thing!!

The only iPad painting app to offer pressure sensitivity (via iPad2 camera).

Mix and blend, really work into your painting.
Feel the paint under your fingers just as you would with real paints.

Paint with TWO fingers simultaneously with ZERO lag!

Unlimited undos (well, as much as your iPad storage will allow, which is a lot).

Unique three finger zoom/scroll feature to allow for multi-finger painting.

Import images as wet paint then smear, blur, paint and mix them into your own original art in minutes!

In app purchase adds:
Pressure sensitive brushes!! 
(using the iPad 2 camera)

The brush box, an ever growing collection of different brushes.

Also brush control,
Change the size.
Change the angle.
Even change how much each brush mixes with the paint on the canvas!

Finally bring the magic to your iPad painting experience.

Paint wise,
Paint Sapien.